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Hypnotherapy as Part of Cancer Treatment Regular readers of my posts will recall some weeks ago railing on the idea that hypnotherapy can somehow be used to treat cancer. Today I was reading a story which utilises hypnotherapy as part … Continue reading

What Does Registered Hypnotherapist Actually Mean One cannot help but notice the number of practitioners who are out in the world marketing themselves as “fully qualified and fully registered” hypnotherapists. Now, this sounds most impressive and indeed has a sound … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Self Harm In a recent article on the BBC website, it has come to light that over 25% of 14 year old girls have admitted to self harm. I know from my experience with adults that self harm … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Working With Children I am seeing more and more articles written lately about children as young as 5 years of age going to see a hypnotherapist under the guidance of their parents. Now, of course, there are children … Continue reading

Another Hypnotherapist Accused of Sexual Assault At the beginning of this piece, I want to make it clear that I am not giving an opinion as to the innocence or guilt of the hypnotherapist in this case. My observations should … Continue reading

Healing and Hypnotherapy Today we will talk about two words which are often linked together, but when they are require a major caveat. The words are hypnotherapy and healing. The word healing has a number of different connotations and is … Continue reading

More and More People Becoming Hypnotherapists In addition my clinical work, I have been involved with the teaching and training of hypnotherapists and psychotherapists since 1993. Unlike many professions, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy tends to attract people who are looking for … Continue reading

Would Hypnosis Work on You As regular readers of my postings will know, I am a great fan of having hypnosis and hypnotherapy seen in a positive light to the general public. They will also know how much I loath … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Good Business Practice I have written many times about the need for professionalism in the hypnotherapy profession. These articles usually centred around experience, qualifications and professional ethics. I would like to add an additional category today, and that … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Communication Skills Following on from yesterday’s post on public speaking, I thought I would focus today on another real world issue that people come to see me for. The people who tend to be successful in whatever field … Continue reading

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