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Hypnotherapy Treatment for Insomnia in Manchester

Insomnia Hypnotherapy Manchester
Insomnia Hypnotherapy Manchester: Hypnotherapy is becoming a more commonly used procedure in the treatment of insomnia. This is generally for variations of the condition with non-organic causes. Whilst sleeping pills are generally prescribed to patients in the early stages of this condition, these pills are usually meant to be a short term intervention in the hope that the condition will clear up. In my experience of working with this condition, pills often do not resolve the problem, although pills they can give patients relief from the worst of the symptoms.

Hypnotherapy has two key applications in the treatment of insomnia: behavioural and analytical interventions. A behavioural intervention would focus on the premise that insomnia, rather than being a kind of disease, is more of a behavioural condition. This means that an insomniac develops a maladaptive behaviour based on a set of circumstances in which a lack of sleep might be an appropriate response, but the symptom (insomnia) has outlasted the circumstance. For example, a client might have developed a sleep issue at university during the final exam period due to long hours of revision and a genuine concern about their passing the exams. This behaviour however, due to a generalisation in behavioural process now has become the rule rather than the exception. With hypnotherapy, one can re-learn an appropriate adaptive behavioural pattern which will allow the client to achieve a satisfactory conclusion to the condition. Another common behavioural approach with hypnosis is to help the client to re-learn the “unlearnable”. By this I mean that sleep is a skill that none of us needed to learn; we were born knowing how to sleep. However, through negative expectation a person can “unlearn” this basic skill. A person who has a bad spell of sleep could begin to expect to not be able to sleep and therefore manifest it. Additionally, it is not unknown for clients to say they forgot how to sleep. Hypnosis can allow for the facilitation of rationalising the reasons which might be causing the sleep issue.

In an analytical approach to insomnia, a practitioner would employ age regression techniques to go back to the issue that caused the insomnia in the fist instance. For example, regress the client back to the finals period for the above mentioned case and help the client to recognise that at that time the sleep issue was appropriate, but no longer. Alternatively a practitioner might employ age regression to take a client back to a time when he/she was able to sleep perfectly and to take that state of mind into the present day in order for the client to achieve the good night sleep he/she craves.

Hypnotherapy is not an alternative to conventional medical interventions for this condition, it is indeed a successful adjunct and with orthodox and complementary medicine working together, the successful treatment of this treatment is greatly enhanced. Much of the work I do in this area is in conjunction with the client’s GP and I have found this to be a winning partnership.

Brookhouse Hypnotherapy Manchester has been helping people just like you to make significant improvements with insomnia and sleep issues in order to live a happier and more fulfilling life. If you would like more information, please contact me at or call 0161 881 1677 for an appointment in Manchester or simply to find out more about clinical hypnosis.