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Who does stress belong to? A question that we all ask, the sufferer will blame everybody else, mainly due to the stigma that is attached to stress and the fact that their misconception is that stress is in fact madness … Continue reading

Behavioural Effects of Stress   These are observable in the way we act and behave. We need to understand how stress affects us and that it affects the immune system and can have serious health effects. Physically our bodies react in the same … Continue reading

Mental effects Put emotional or physical effects together and you will end up eventually with mental effects. The mental effects are part and parcel with the other effects and will ultimately lead to behavioural effects. Here are a list of … Continue reading

Emotional Effects of Stress This is where sometimes the client cannot deal with the issue of stress, there is nothing physical that can be seen by other people, but the person’s life is in turmoil and causes great frustration and … Continue reading

Physical Effects of Stress These occur as pressure of stress builds up and it affects the  body, especially when it is thrown out of balance, and  especially where there is no time for the body to re-adjust. It  becomes unhealthy … Continue reading

Perception in Therapy Perception is something that is individual to every person. What one person sees the other may interpret very differently indeed. We never stop to wonder why or how it works; we just take it for granted. At … Continue reading

A New Hypnosis Game Show…..Just what the public and profession doesn’t need! I have recently read that there is to be a new hypnosis “game show” called “You’re back in the room” (an obvious reference to the Mark Lucas character … Continue reading

Ego States in Transactional Analysis One of the key concepts from transactional analysis is the model of ego states. This can be used in work with clients in analysing problem relationships, and here we look at how these are created … Continue reading

Milton H Erickson, Father of Modern Hypnotherapy Milton Hyland Erickson, MD is considered by many to be the father of modern hypnosis or at least the most influential practitioner of hypnosis of the20th century. Why? In the author’s opinion, it … Continue reading

Anxiety Disorders and Links to Depression Depression and anxiety disorders are not the same, although at first glance they seem very similar. Depression generates emotions such as hopelessness, despair and anger. Energy levels are usually very low, and depressed people … Continue reading

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