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What Does Registered Hypnotherapist Actually Mean

What Does Registered Hypnotherapist Actually Mean

One cannot help but notice the number of practitioners who are out in the world marketing themselves as “fully qualified and fully registered” hypnotherapists. Now, this sounds most impressive and indeed has a sound of legitimacy to it. But what does this really mean? Being fully qualified is an interesting term, I have been in continual practice since 1989 and I have to say that I would never describe myself as fully qualified. This even after doing some 7600 hours of training. I am qualified, but there is always something more to learn so I am not complacent with the idea of ever being fully qualified, as one never knows what new knowledge their is to gain.

Fully registered is another interesting turn of phrase. There are a few independent hypnotherapy bodies in the UK which regulate their membership. They have specific training requirements, but they are not owned by one particular school. So often you discover that fully registered means that a person joined the organisation owned by the school they trained at. Whilst yes this does mean that the person is registered, but one can legitimately ask, what worth does this registration actually have.

If you are going to consult a hypnotherapist, please make sure his or her bona fides are what they are claimed to be and not just a marketing ploy to get you as a client.

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