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Kakorrhaphiophobia Fear of failure or defeat We live in a world that is highly competitive world. Indeed our very existence is based on our ability to overcome challenge to become the dominant force on the earth. From a very early … Continue reading

Kainolophobia or Kainophobia- Fear of anything new It is said that variety is the spice of life, and that every day and practically every moment the things, people and events which surround us are evolving and changing. This evolutionary change … Continue reading

Ichthyophobia Fear of fish People some times get the notion that humans are the dominant creatures of the earth. People often forget that there is an entire ecosystem below the sea. The creatures of the sea are varied and in … Continue reading

Iatrophobia Fear of going to the doctor or of doctors We have become a rather health obsessed society of late. We are constantly hearing what is good and not good for us on the news. The focal point for most … Continue reading

Hylophobia – Fear of forests One of the most common themes of the fables and fairy tales of youth often involves a forest. Whether it Goldilocks, or Red Riding Hood or even the Wizard of Oz forests play a major … Continue reading

Herpetophobia Fear of Reptiles For many people the idea of seeing or touching a reptile can cause severe and intense fear and anxiety. This can be experienced in varying degrees. In the lesser degrees this is just a general fear … Continue reading

Hypsiphobia Fear of height There are certain fears or phobias that most people would have heard of, a fear of flying for example or a fear of spiders is also a common example. Another such phobia is the pathological and … Continue reading

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- Fear of long words It has been said that of all human communication only 7% rely on the words that we use. However small that figure might sound, the use of words is a very important part of our … Continue reading

Hoplophobia Fear of firearms With the recent tragedy in South Carolina, this particular phobia seems quite apt. Whilst in the UK the proliferation of firearms is nowhere near as rampant as in places like the United States, there are still … Continue reading

Hypnophobia Fear of sleep or of being hypnotized It might surprise readers that as a hypno-psychotherapist I do occasionally get clients who are morbidly afraid of being hypnotised. Because of the way hypnosis is portrayed in some parts of the … Continue reading

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