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Hypnosis for The Future You Want

Hypnosis for The Future You Want When people think of hypnosis, all too often they think of regression and trying to resolve issues of the past. Yes, hypnosis can be used as a method of helping people to work through … Continue reading

Fear of Failure and Hypnotherapy

Fear of Failure and Hypnotherapy Are you feeling a sense of anxiety at the thought of having to be assessed in some way? This could be either having to take an exam, or a performance review or simply worrying about … Continue reading

Educating Our Clients

Educating Our Clients When clients come to us for many issues they already know the theory of whatever the issue is. For example, few weight control clients don’t know which foods are healthy and which aren’t and all smokers know … Continue reading

Rest and Mental Health

Rest and Mental Health As regular readers of my musings will know, I talk quite a lot about the importance of sleep when it comes to our mental health. Indeed, it could be one of the most important thing that … Continue reading

There is no Shame in Going to Therapy

There is no Shame in Going to Therapy I am finding more and more that a larger cross section of the population attending therapy. This is very encouraging to me. Indeed, there are more and more men attending therapy which … Continue reading

Curiosity and Therapy

Curiosity and Therapy I am often asked by students, clients, and even members of the public, “What is it that makes a successful therapist”. Whilst it cannot be argued that having the right training and qualifications are a part of … Continue reading

When is a Qualification Not a Qualification

When is a Qualification Not a Qualification Leaving behind the weekend’s warm and fuzzy posts I find myself in a Monday state of mind. Which means I have something to rail about. I came across a press release for a … Continue reading

UKCP Members Forum

UKCP Members Forum I find myself today down in the “Smoke” or London as it is mor commonly known to attend the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy’s Members Forum. These meetings are held to discuss consultation documents regarding the progression … Continue reading

Well Being and Psychotherapy

Well Being and Psychotherapy There is a very big push at the moment towards the idea of well being and wellness. These can be defined as, according to the Oxford English Dictionary as “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or … Continue reading

Humour and Psychotherapy

Humour and Psychotherapy This may seem an unusual combination of ideas. This especially because of the stereotypical image of the dusty old psychotherapist stroking his beard and saying “hmmm” a lot. In truth, yes there are psychotherapists who meet this … Continue reading

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