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Would Hypnosis Work on You

Would Hypnosis Work on You

As regular readers of my postings will know, I am a great fan of having hypnosis and hypnotherapy seen in a positive light to the general public. They will also know how much I loath and detest it when hypnosis is trivialised and made to look simplistic and silly. I came across a test in the Daily Mirror today which asks the question “Would hypnosis work on you? Take this quiz to find out”. The next line says “that most people view hypnosis as a joke”. I am sure that the eagle eyed of you can see where my problem is with this piece. First of all, hypnosis is not something one can simply test for. Indeed, when hypnosis is used therapeutically, it is far more about the therapist being able to establish and maintain the therapeutic relationship rather than about hypnotisability.

Second, I take exception to most people thinking hypnosis as a joke. Yes, maybe 30 years ago that would be true and yes maybe the majority of Daily Mirror readers may well think the same. However, more and more articles have shown the therapeutic viability of hypnosis and when used in properly qualified hands can really be a way for people to experience positive, permanent change in their lives. Finally, would it not be a better use of copy to get experts interviewed about hypnosis rather than giving readers a subjective test the origin of which is unknown? Hypnosis is not magic, but it can, at times, help bring about magical results.

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