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Hypnotherapy and Hype

Hypnotherapy and Hype Today, I am returning to a theme about hypnotherapy and hype. A couple of years ago the Spectator wrote an article on Hypnotherapy and hype. This article looked at some claims made by hypnotherapists and how these … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Stress Issues

Hypnotherapy and Stress Issues Well today is the last of the three S’s and that’s stress issues. Stress is a generic catch all for pretty much all behavioural issues a therapist might encounter. Issues like anxiety, phobias, general performance issues … Continue reading

The Importance of Sleep Again

The Importance of Sleep Again The title today is the importance of sleep again, and I say again because I have written and spoken about the importance of sleep on other occasions. However, this is a message which I believe … Continue reading

Research Finds Stress Changes Brains of Boys and Girls Differently

Research Finds Stress Changes Brains of Boys and Girls Differently The latest research to come out of Stamford University School of Medicine shows that the way the brain responds to stress is different for boys and girls. This research shows … Continue reading


Insecurity As this blog is used for therapeutic information I will not use it as a platform for my views on the referendum results. I will say that since 0800 I have been receiving enquirees from people with severe anxiety … Continue reading

Breathing and Tension

Breathing and Tension BREATHING We all breathe, all the time. Or do we ? In moments of stress, we often “forget” to breathe! By realising this, it is possible to check our breathing and to make a conscious effort to … Continue reading

The Antelope

The Antelope Just imagine, for a moment, an antelope, grazing contentedly on a peaceful African plane. It is relaxed, happily munching away, its heartbeat regular, its breathing easy…..when suddenly it smells a lion! I expect you can feel something of … Continue reading

Why Relax?

Why Relax? Relaxation is a skill like any other. Just as with riding a bike or baking a cake, you will have a natural tendency to find it easy or difficult, but everyone can learn it, and everyone can become … Continue reading

Turning Negative into Positive

Turning Negative into Positive Sometimes negative behaviour can be destructive, we can find positives from within negatives, no matter how small.  Let me give you an example …. Negative: I am stuck in a traffic jam! We have all experienced … Continue reading

Interrogate Yourself

Interrogate Yourself Imagine you are interviewing yourself, asking questions of yourself and getting honest answers.  Only honest answers will help you to reach what you want, remember you can’t lie to yourself like you can lie to others! Write your … Continue reading

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