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Chainge of Season The summer has come to an end and the autumn is about to begin. I have always been partial to the autumn as to me it is a representation of change. That is to say that in … Continue reading

Road Years I have often discussed with my younger clients and students that age is not really important when one has road years. Now, road years are the experiences in life that can and do happen at any age and … Continue reading

Testing My Resilience I often talk to my clients about the importance of being resilient. Ultimately, resilience is what keeps us going when things are not going our way. I generally consider myself to be quite resilient, but today is … Continue reading

Psychedelic Hypnotherapy I have always believed that therapy must evolve in order to remain clinically relevant and in my search for my topic for today I came across an article written about using psychedelic substances with hypnotherapy in order to … Continue reading

Why Don’t You Use Testimonials This is a question that I get asked many times by other practitioners and  the public alike. The reason is simple, in my professional opinion these are unethical and are open to abuse. When a … Continue reading

Stop Smoking Double Standards It is almost October, the month dedicated by the NHS to be the time to stop smoking. This is a time of year that does elicit a certain amount of agitation for me. I have worked … Continue reading

Self Harm A Silent Problem I was very moved reading about how one of our greatest Olympiads, Dame Kelly Holmes self harmed every day she was experiencing potentially career ending injuries. She described it as a way to release the … Continue reading

Celebrity Therapist Claims Well it has been a few weeks since I have had a good old rant in my blog, so I thought I was due. As I was meditating on what to write about today, I considered the … Continue reading

Programming or Educating One cannot miss when looking for hypnosis professionals that there is a myriad of descriptions as to what a practitioner will do with you in your sessions. I have noted lately the more frequent use of the … Continue reading

She’s a real therapist but does hypnotherapy on top of that I don’t usually use a direct quote in my daily post, but I saw this and felt that it summed up a feeling that I believe has to be … Continue reading

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