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The Dance I often tell my students that clients will often present themselves in “bulk”. What I mean by this is that there I have often experienced all bookings for a week being anxiety or behavioural modification. It is kind … Continue reading

Important Meeting Day I have spent a great deal of my professional life trying to enhance the professional status of hypnosis for therapeutic use. The frustration I have is when others in the psychological community see hypnosis as being less … Continue reading

More Bad Hypnosis Advertising I was on Facebook today to yet again to be disappointed by unprofessional advertising of some of my professional colleagues. Talking about being an underground movement and not following the rules is great if you are … Continue reading

Emotional Honesty Today’s subject is one near and dear to my heart, I believe that it is one of the most important things a person can do. Emotions are what make us human. They can be intense, irrational, mind-blowing, but … Continue reading

The Power of Enthusiasm I am minded today about enthusiasm and exuberance. For many parents these are qualities seen in children. Children seem to have an unerring way of expressing enthusiasm and exuberance that I believe we lose in adulthood. … Continue reading

That Lazy Sunday Feeling As I lay in bed this morning, a peculiar feeling came over me, I simply did not want to get out of bed. Now for many of you, you might well think, “So what? I feel … Continue reading

Another Teaching Weekend Well it is that time again, another weekend to help newbies on their path to becoming hypnotherapists and hypno-psychotherapists. I have taught many programmes in my career, but the foundation courses at the National College of Hypnosis … Continue reading

The C Word And Not The One You Are Thinking Of I have been in this profession for a very long time, and I have seen the difference as to how the media covers hypnosis. In the late 1980’s to … Continue reading

National Selfie Day? Or Narcism Awareness Day Well I have just read about national selfie day, and it gave me pause. Selfies are a modern phenomena thanks to the advent of very good smart phone cameras. Whilst of course, these … Continue reading

Self Hypnosis Every Day I am often asked by clients as to how to keep themselves in a good frame of mind between sessions. My answer is always the same, practise self hypnosis every day and it will pay dividends … Continue reading

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