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Can Hypnotherapy Help Emetophobia One of the most common phobias people suffer with is a pathological fear of being sick or being around people who are sick. Now obviously, no one actually enjoys being sick. Vomiting is counter intuitive it … Continue reading

Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist Which is Correct This is a question which comes up with a great deal of frequency. Some practitioners, and indeed some media outlets, refer to people as hypnotists whilst others use hypnotherapist. However, which is correct? The … Continue reading

Can Hypnotherapy Mend a Broken Heart I was reading one of those stories about a “celebrity” turning to possibly turning to hypnotherapy in order to help her get over a nasty break up. Whilst the story was full of the … Continue reading

Can Psychotherapy Help With Poor Financial Skills The answer to the above question is apparently so. A research project was undertaken with poor mothers in Pakistan. This was conducted by the University of Melbourne. This study showed that a psychotherapeutic … Continue reading

How to Erase Hypnosis’ Past Reputation Most physicians, psychologists and even the public recognise that hypnosis is an effective approach to working with a variety of psychological, emotional, and some physiological issues. So, why is it not used more in … Continue reading

Education is the Key to the Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Profession In addition to my clinical practice, I have had the privilege of training practitioners for 25 years. I have seen many changes in how we educate practitioners and as I … Continue reading

Routine and Productivity Friends and clients alike often ask me how I mange to get so much done. I maintain two clinical practices, I am Principal of the oldest college of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in the UK, I am Chair … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Arachnophobia As the weather improves and we go out side more, a common issue becomes more prevalent. That fear is arachnophobia. I am sure that most of you already know that arachnophobia is a fear of spiders. There is … Continue reading

Needle Phobia and Hypnosis One of the more common phobia I work with is fear of needles which can manifest itself for many reasons and can be caused or triggered by many things. Examples of this would be a fear … Continue reading

Rehab Scam I find that satire is one of my favourite forms of humour, and a true master of the art is John Oliver. He did a piece last night of the shocking lack of oversight in the rehab industry … Continue reading

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