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Therapeutic Wisdom and Knowledge For regular readers of my blog, you will know the importance that I place on hypnotherapists and psychotherapists being properly trained to do the work that they do. However, is training alone enough to make an … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy Time to Ask Difficult Questions Having been in this field since 1989, I have seen hypnotherapy go through many changes. Many of these changes have been for the better. It has moved from being some kind of quack science … Continue reading

Importance of Hypnotherapy Conferences This posting may seem a little self serving, but I believe it is important for those of you who are either a hypnotherapist or psychotherapist. One of the most important aspects of continuing professional development is … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy Without Scripts Whilst thinking about what to write about today, I came across an article, well a puff piece really, where a hypnotherapy trainer was making a big point about teaching people to do hypnotherapy without the need for … Continue reading

Therapy and The Economy For many people who have never experienced therapy, they can have a very skewed idea of what it is about. I have been at functions where people have said to me, “Isn’t therapy a little self … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Children I have written about this subject before, however, things have occurred over the past several weeks which makes me want to revisit this subject again. Does hypnotherapy work with children? The answer is yes, children have very … Continue reading

A Victory Against Conversion Therapy For regular readers of my blog, you will know that I loathe and despise the ill informed, and cruel practice of conversion therapy. For those who do not know conversion therapy is the misguided belief … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and SCUBA As we get closer and closer to the summer holiday season, an issue which is perhaps not obvious seems to present itself more than ever. People are getting more and more into SCUBA diving. Whilst this is … Continue reading

Are Apps as Good as Live Therapy Technology is a wonderful thing isn’t it? I admit that I organise my life with my various iProducts. My scheduling has never been better organised and the apps that are available today are … Continue reading

A Potential New Low for the Hypnotherapy Profession For several days I have wrestled with whether or not to write about this story. I have in the end reluctantly decided to do so. In Florida a hypnotherapist who also allegedly … Continue reading

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