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Experience in Hypnotherapy Supervision

Experience in Hypnotherapy Supervision This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. After all, I co-created the first nationally accredited supervision qualification in hypnotherapy. I have always believed that clinical supervision is one of the most … Continue reading

Clinical Supervision a Gift for Hypnotherapists

Clinical Supervision a Gift for Hypnotherapists One of the roles which I truly value professionally is that I am the clinical supervisor to a number of excellent, enthusiastic and professional therapists. I wrote about supervision last week and wanted to … Continue reading

Supervision a Question for Hypnotherapists

Supervision a Question for Hypnotherapists I have written many times about the importance of clinical supervision in a practitioner’s professional life. I have said that it is essential to not pay this most important service lip service and to truly … Continue reading

Responsibilities of a Clinical Supervisor

Responsibilities of a Clinical Supervisor Well it has been a little while since I wrote one of my more critical posts, but here we go. I have noticed over the past few years a marked increase in practitioners calling themselves … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and the NHS

Hypnotherapy and the NHS This is an article that I have wanted to write for some time. There are some in our field who claim that they are recognised by the NHS. This statement for the vast majority is misleading … Continue reading

The Importance of Clinical Supervision

The Importance of Clinical Supervision There are many important things to consider when you are to consult a therapist for the first time. Training and experience are of course very important indeed. But these things alone are not enough. Psychotherapy … Continue reading

Types of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Supervision

Forms of supervision All therapists should be in some form of clinical supervision. The form that a hypnotherapist or psychotherapist may utilise varies, but here are some of the more classic forms of clinical supervision. One to one, supervisor-therapist: A … Continue reading

Choosing a hypnotherapy/psychotherapy supervisor

Choosing a hypnotherapy/psychotherapy supervisor The less experience the therapist has, the more experience the supervisor should have. Supervisors should be sufficiently experienced and qualified in therapy or in a closely related field for others to have confidence in their professional … Continue reading

Why Supervision is Essential for the Practising Therapist

Why supervision is essential for the practising therapist By its very nature therapy makes demands upon therapists, who may become over-involved, ignore some important point, become confused as to what is taking place with a particular client, or have underlying … Continue reading

What is Clinical Supervision?

Information on Supervision Supervision is essential for effective therapy. Most professional therapists are bound by a code of Ethics and Practice to monitor their therapy through ongoing supervision. What is supervision? Supervision is a formal arrangement for therapists to discuss … Continue reading

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