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A Six Day Hypnotherapy Diploma I think NOT

A Six Day Hypnotherapy Diploma I think NOT In my inbox the other morning I received a mailing from a training company that I have never heard of, with a trainer I never heard of selling me a six day … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy The New Approach for Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy The New Approach for Smoking Cessation In keeping with my New Year’s habit of writing about some of the wrongs with hypnotherapy marketing, I find myself confronting another typical method of marketing hypnotherapy. I came across an article describing … Continue reading

Hypnotherapists Identify Your Training

Hypnotherapists Identify Your Training I cannot count the number of times I come across a Hypnotherapy web site and as I look at the “about me” page I find nothing regarding the training that this practitioner has. Now some of … Continue reading

A Follow Up To Misleading Advertising in Hypnotherapy

A Follow Up To Misleading Advertising in Hypnotherapy Well, as in the past when I have written on subjects like this a few folk decided to contact me directly. In the main, the comments were positive, but as to be … Continue reading

Misleading Advertising in Hypnotherapy

Misleading Advertising in Hypnotherapy I am disappointed to find myself revisiting this topic again. Unfortunately, there are practitioners who either do not understand ethical marketing or choose not to follow the rule of telling the truth. For decades, hypnotherapy schools … Continue reading

Never Forget The Importance of CPD

Never Forget The Importance of CPD As 2018 is coming to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to remind my colleagues of the importance of continuing professional development (CPD). Whilst a practitioner’s initial training and qualifications are … Continue reading

Buying Accreditations in Hypnotherapy

Buying Accreditations in Hypnotherapy As the year is drawing to its close, I find myself revisiting a topic whichI really had hoped I would not have to. This is the issue of organisations offering accreditation, seals of approval, and even … Continue reading

Professional Ethics and Hypnotherapy

Professional Ethics and Hypnotherapy A few weeks ago some of you may recall I wrote about a course to qualify a person as a psychotherapist through distance learning for £95.00. Obviously this programme is utter nonsense as it would not … Continue reading

Check Therapist’s Credentials

Check Therapist’s Credentials There has been much written over the past several days about a hypnotherapy trainer who has been less than honest about the credentials and life experiences he has had. I wanted to bring this into today’s posting … Continue reading

Another 5 Years Another Review

Another 5 Years Another Review Regular readers will know that I have a real bee in my bonnet regarding standards of education and training. So many organisations pay lip service to this very important issue. One of the things that … Continue reading

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