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 Anxiety Reports Up 35% in Children I read an article today that according to the NSPCC’s Childline, that they have counselled 11,706 children regarding anxiety which is a 35% increase on last year. Whilst is it very disturbing that anxiety … Continue reading

Being Grateful I see a great many number of people in my clinical practice. Many come to me because they are suffering with some emotional of psychological affliction. However, there are some who come to me because they want to … Continue reading

Another Group of Enthuisiastic Students It has almost been 10 years since I became the Principal of the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, though I had been training therapists since 1993, I have always considered being the Principal of … Continue reading

Mind Your Claims Following on from yesterdays offering regarding the Diet Chef advertisement which was banned by the ASA, I would like to talk today a bit more about claims made by therapists. I read an article recently which basically … Continue reading

Inappropriate Diet Ad Banned By ASA It is impossible to avoid the myriad of dieting advertisements that run on the radio and tv. This especially at this time of year as we near the Christmas party season where people can … Continue reading

Don’t Miss The Signs As I was thinking about what to write about this morning, I was going through the BBC website and read a report on the suicide of Sally Brampton, the agony aunt who had lost her battle with … Continue reading

Food Obsession One of the more common issues I deal with in my practice is the desire to manage weight and develop a more healthy relationship with food for my clients. For many who have never struggled with weight issues, … Continue reading

The Foundations of All Professions In addition to my clinical, teaching and supervisionary work I am also very much involved in the development and maintenance of professional standards. When a profession is not statutorily controlled it is essential that the … Continue reading

Make Resiliency The Word of Everyday There are several things that people say are necessary for a healthy mental life. When I have been asked what is absolutely necessary for good mental health I always say it’s resilance, resilience and … Continue reading

Banish Negative People So often I get people coming to me who are really suffering with reactive depression. Reactive depression is a depression which usually has an external cause. For example, one might experience this at the break up of … Continue reading

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