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HypnoBirthing and the Royal Family Sources close to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have said that the Duchess is considering having her birth assisted through hypnosis. This should not be a great surprise to anyone in the know as … Continue reading

Another Trickery and Weight Loss Article As we come to the end of January, it is my hope that we will come to the end of yet another season of hypnotherapy articles in the media being linked to trickery. I … Continue reading

What to Ask a Perspective Psychotherapist I have written much on the subject of psychotherapy over the past several years. With so many people putting out their stalls as psychotherapists, it may appear difficult to determine who is appropriately qualified … Continue reading

Amnesty International and Hypnosis In order to demonstrate the trauma of refugee journeys, Amnesty International employed a professional hypnotherapist to hypnotise five refugees and have them recount their journeys. These of course are harrowing, I cannot imagine, nor can most … Continue reading

Post Number 1300 1300 postings, where does the time go. This whole thing started as an SEO improvement campaign, but in reality it has become bigger than that now. I only imagined I would write a few posts every now … Continue reading

Stress and Weight Weight is an issue for many people and far too often do people look for easy answers as to why people are putting on weight. The idea that people are just greedy or ill disciplined is just … Continue reading

The Importance of Hypnotherapy Conferences One of the more enjoyable things I do professionally is attend hypnotherapy conferences all over the world. Indeed, I have had the privilege of presenting at 5o or more over the past 29 years. The … Continue reading

The Importance of Locus of Control Locus of control stems from a social learning theory approach to personality where general beliefs are thought to develop from expectations based on prior reinforcements and hence is an expectancy-value approach to motivation. Expectancy-value … Continue reading

More Nonsense Headlines About Hypnosis Whilst deciding what to write about today, I have come across an article, from the same source as yesterday’s which claims that a woman lost three stone by having her mind tricked with hypnosis that … Continue reading

More Shilling From The Media As regular readers will be aware, I have been critical about how some of the press are covering hypnotherapy stories. My main grip has been that celebrity name dropping has been used as news, and … Continue reading

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