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A Time For New Beginnings Part of the real joy of my professional life is that I am a part of so many people changing their lives and having new beginnings. It is something that I think is at the … Continue reading

Being Part of Something Bigger Today’s offering is about a subject which seems to be presenting itself in my office more and more lately. More and more of my clients who on the surface seem to have achieved everything they … Continue reading

Universities and Mental Health Care There is a real problem brewing in mental health and it is in our young, particularly those who go to university. There was a recent survey done which showed the suicide rates of those at … Continue reading

More Action Against Conversion Therapy As regular readers will know, I have a particular loathing for the unethical, unproven, and yes hateful practice of conversion therapy. This is where prayer is used in psychotherapy in order to “cure” people from … Continue reading

Afraid To Speak Try Hypnotherapy There are many people with a lot of things to say, important and relevant things to say. They are able to speak to a person one on one, but when it comes to speaking to … Continue reading

The Right People For The Right Job The weekend which just passed was another teaching weekend for me. I don’t teach as much as I used to as I generally undertake the the first part of a practitioner’s training. This … Continue reading

Sports and Hypnosis You would have to have your head in the sand if you have not noticed the glut of sport which is on our airwaves. Be it Rugby or Football or the myriad of other sport there is … Continue reading

Beware of Addictions Experts Yes, it’s time for another semi rant about how practitioners present themselves to the public. Addiction is very much in the news with a variety of new manifestations of addiction we are becoming far more aware … Continue reading

I Even Tried Hypnotherapy Today’s topic is a typical quote made in articles written in the popular press about hypnotherapy. This is a great frustration to professionals like me. Not that Hypnotherapy is getting decent press, but rather the “even” … Continue reading

Hypnofasting Is This Another Fad I have come across another “miracle weight loss method” today, and it is using hypnosis with intermittent fasting in order to help people lose weight. Now I have said on many occasions to clients and … Continue reading

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