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The Robot Will See You Now Well I am as big a fan of technology as anyone. I love my iThings and use technology to manage my practice and finances. However, I am very clear about the limitations of what … Continue reading

Let’s Revisit Guilt I was reading an article about a discussion about “mum guilt” held in Blackpool sponsored by BBC Five Live. It got me thinking, I am seeing more and more clients with guilt issues as well as having … Continue reading

One Third of Mothers Experience Mental Health Issues Yes you read that correctly one third of mothers experience some form of mental health issue. This can be things like anxiety and depression to even more complex issues like post traumatic … Continue reading

It’s Time to Consider Time Ever since I was a boy I had a fascination with watches. How they work, how they measure time, how they are made were and still are things that fascinate me. As a psychotherapist, I … Continue reading

Redemption and Mental Health Today’s offering may sound more like the title for a sermon rather than a psychotherapy posting, but I think it will become clear that this is not about religion. I found myself before preparing for my … Continue reading

Be Mindful of Tone I have written on a number of occasions about the tendency for the media to focus on the negative in the world. Most news stories lead on doom and gloom and this has a direct impact … Continue reading

Black Friday and Mental Health Well the time has come, another American import to UK Culture today is Black Friday. This is the day where everyone is meant to be seduced by retailers slashing their prices to make those must … Continue reading

Being Thankful and Good Mental Health For those of you who do not know, today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It is a day in which people are meant remember the survival of the Pilgrims who went to … Continue reading

A Bit of a Rant About Advanced I have been practising hypnotherapy since 1989, and one of the things that really irk me when I see the marketing of some of my colleagues is the ridiculous use of the term … Continue reading

Being in the Here and Now Never More Important Some of us who practice psychotherapy talk about clients needing not to focus too much on being in the past or future, but rather to spend time being aware and present … Continue reading

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