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Hypnotherapy and Nutrition I regularly receive emailings asking me whether I am interested in this programme or that I seldom pay them any attention at all. However, the other day, I received one which was about teaching hypnotherapists how to … Continue reading

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like This is perhaps the most common question that I get as a hypno-psychotherapist. Because hypnosis has a certain image in the popular culture it is not unreasonable that people have all kinds of ideas about … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy for Re-Ballance Well, we have reached another Sunday, historically our day of rest. However, how many of us are actually using today to rest. Many of us find ourselves using this time to catch up with things we didn’t … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy To Help You Play Hypnotherapy is not just about working with psychological, behavioural and emotional issues. For many professional and semi professional athletes hypnotherapy is fast becoming a way for them to play better at whatever sport they are … Continue reading

Your Focus Determines Your Reality A wise Qui-Gon Jinn looks at a young Anakin Skywalker in the Phantom Menace and utters this piece of sagely advice “your focus determines your reality”. I remember when I first say the film, I thought, … Continue reading

Obesity Saves Taxpayers £4 Billion a Year I know what you are thinking, I must have mistyped the title and actually meant “costs” rather than saves taxpayers. Well, dear reader, the title is correct. The Institute of Economic Affairs claims … Continue reading

Will Apps Replace the Therapist If you are like me and love tech you cannot help but be impressed by the myriad of apps available which help to make ones life far more efficient and productive. Indeed, I have apps … Continue reading

The Importance of Continuing Professional Development I have written several articles about what to look for when consulting a therapist. Today, I want to talk about the importance of continuing professional development. In the hypnotherapy world, the general length of … Continue reading

Let’s Focus on Solutions Not Problems I have just finished teaching a foundation in hypo-psychotherapy course recently. One of the common questions that I get asked is that after all the years I have worked with clients, how do I … Continue reading

Professionalism and Confidentiality If you read the tabloid press, barely a week goes by when there is not an article about an “A” list celebrity using hypnotherapy to overcome one issue or another. This of course is very good copy … Continue reading

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