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Hypnotherapy and Hoarding For fans of reality television, one cannot help but notice that one of the more common subjects for these programmes is to look at hoarding. One could say that hoarding is a byproduct of our mass consumerism … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Birthing a Winning Combination Ask any of my students or indeed anyone who wants to talk to me about hypnotherapy and you will hear that I bang on about the importance of techniques and procedures being evidenced based. … Continue reading

Talking About the Death of a Parent As regular readers of my blog will know, I am an ardent royalist and believe that in this world of celebrity they can be a force for good in this world. Certainly the … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Anxiety Triggers One of the most common complaints I work with are anxiety disorders. Anxiety can cover a wealth of issues and indeed it causes a great deal of distress for those who suffer. I am often asked … Continue reading

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy I have written on weight management a few times on this blog, but one subject I have not written on is this “procedure” called the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy or the HypnoBand. One only needs look at the … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Intimacy One of the most common issues that people are presenting with in my office are issues relating to being intimate. The presenting issues usually revolve around sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, and performance concerns. Most, if not all … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Limiting Beliefs One of the most distressing things that I see in my office on a day to day basis is people who have all the potential in the world, everything conceivable going for them and yet they … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Bruxism Take good care of your teeth and they will take good care of you. This is a message that was drummed into me as a child and it must have worked as I have never had a … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Me Time One of the most common phrases in today’s vernacular is “I need me time”. It is a fascinating concept because, I have always viewed life from the perspective of everything I do ultimately is my choice, … Continue reading

Is Hypnotherapy for Past Lives Real Over the past 27 and a half years one of the most common questions I get asked is “Can you hypnotise me into a past life?” Whilst I recognise that this is a common … Continue reading

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