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Hypnotherapy and Opioid Addiction

Hypnotherapy and Opioid Addiction There is a proliferation of the use of opioids in the treatment of chronic pain. This proliferation has an unfortunate side effect in that there are many people who have unfortunately become addicted to these powerful … Continue reading

More on Hypnotherapy and Pain

More on Hypnotherapy and Pain It is quite interesting to me that having written about hypnosis and it’s potential to replace opioid use in some cases of pain management, I have come across news that there is a hospital in … Continue reading

Hypnosis and Opioid Use

Hypnosis and Opioid Use There is much discussion at the moment regarding the over prescription of opioids for pain management. Indeed, in places like the United States there is a real public health issue as a significant minority of those … Continue reading

Algophobia- Fear of pain

Algophobia- Fear of pain Agliophobia, otherwise referred to as Algophbia is an abnormal worry of pain. We tend to all recognize that pain causes worry, and worry is disturbing and might eventually cause pain. This is often thought about as … Continue reading

Pain Management and Hypnotherapy

Pain Management and Hypnotherapy The concept of pain is something that we can all understand. From the very moment we are born, pain is something that we experience on a fairly regular basis. I think that it is safe to … Continue reading

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