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So It Begins Well, so it begins. I have written on many occasions about the failings of relying on e-cigarettes as a successful means of smoking cessation. The City of San Francisco has now banned the sale of e-cigarettes and … Continue reading

It’s Time To Stop Referencing Stage Hypnosis All too many publicity pieces in the media as well as on hypnotherapists websites reference the idea that people first learn about hypnosis by watching stage hypnotists on TV making people do this … Continue reading

Gambling and Youth I was reading this morning that the National Health Service is establishing its first clinic for gambling addiction for people between the ages of 13 to 25. Yes, that’s right, 13 to 25. For many of us … Continue reading

The UK On The Couch I have been wondering over the past couple of years whether psychotherapy can offer a way forward for the country. It is clear that there is a great deal of emotions being expressed with regards … Continue reading

The End of an Era Here I sit at the second day of the International Hypno-Psychotherapy Conference. It is very much like the 21 other conferences I have organised. The difference this time is that this one is my last. … Continue reading

The Importance of Rapport in Therapy One of the most important aspects of the therapeutic relationship is the rapport between the therapist and client. Now in some modalities, like Neuro Linguistic Programming state that rapport is a process which can … Continue reading

Its Time To Stop Oversimplifying Weight Management With Hypnotherapy You have all seen the titles of websites and tabloid articles, “Think yourself slim with hypnotherapy”. Wouldn’t it me marvellous if you could think yourself thin and it became real, of … Continue reading

More Uniformed Gay Bashing I have written many times about the difficulties that the LGBT community face when it comes to mental health and acceptance. Today I have read in one of the tabloids that Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe … Continue reading

A Willingness to be Present I am asked on a regular basis what is the key to a good therapeutic relationship. My response is always “a willingness to be present”. The many in the public hand the idea the psychotherapy … Continue reading

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