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Hypnotherapy and Working With Children

Hypnotherapy and Working With Children

I am seeing more and more articles written lately about children as young as 5 years of age going to see a hypnotherapist under the guidance of their parents. Now, of course, there are children who are in need of therapy. It is unfortunate, but true that children are not immune to the psychological and emotional issues which lead adults to therapy. It should be applauded that these children are willing and have parents who are open minded enough to have therapy for their child or children.

However, I am concerned at the number of ill qualified hypnotherapists offering their services when it comes to working with children. Children are not little adults and they need to be treated differently to their adult clients. Being cutesy and talking down to them is not a means of gaining rapport with children. Additionally, there are associated legal considerations when working with children which must be adhered to, and that I am concerned are being ignored.

Hypnotherapy is not what one would consider the first port of call for working with children and children are entitled, like adults to the best therapy for them. Before consulting a therapist for your child, please ensure that the therapist is qualified to work with children. Look at the practitioner’s qualifications closely, after all this is your child and it is a parent’s responsibility to get them the best care available to them.

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