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Be in the Here and Now

Be in the Here and Now When we are children tomorrow never comes quickly enough. We are always looking forward to something. Be that our birthday, Christmas, being off school or whatever, the child’s life is lived in anticipation. As … Continue reading

Have a Mindful Holiday

Have a Mindful Holiday As we edge closer and closer to Christmas, I was contemplating the importance of being mindful at this time of year. For many people this is a time to think about what might be. By which … Continue reading

Have a Mindful Sunday

Have a Mindful Sunday Traditionally, Sunday has been the universal day of rest for most people. People tended to relax with friends and family and do very little but just be. Over time, however, this has changed and in reality … Continue reading

Is Meditation Self Hypnosis By Another Name

Is Meditation Self Hypnosis By Another Name One of the things I often ask clients to do is to do some form of self hypnosis as part of their treatment with me. It is an excellent way for the client … Continue reading

Being in the Now is Essential

Being in the Now is Essential So much of our time is spent either looking behind us or trying to see into the future, we do not focus on the here and now. For people who practise Mindfulness, you will … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Me Time

Hypnotherapy and Me Time One of the most common phrases in today’s vernacular is “I need me time”. It is a fascinating concept because, I have always viewed life from the perspective of everything I do ultimately is my choice, … Continue reading


Insecurity As this blog is used for therapeutic information I will not use it as a platform for my views on the referendum results. I will say that since 0800 I have been receiving enquirees from people with severe anxiety … Continue reading

Singing and Your Health

Singing and Your Health Having spent over 27 years working with people therapeutically, I am often asked “What things can I do myself, outside of therapy, to keep myself healthy?” Of course, I would often give the standard answers such … Continue reading

The Importance of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep One of the most common issues to come through my practice on a weekly basis is anxiety based issues. With people feeling more and more stressed on a day to day basis, anxiety is a common … Continue reading

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating I have recently returned from a trip to the United States, and found myself fascinated by the eating habits of many of its inhabitants. America is a place where more is more and this can be no better … Continue reading

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