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Early Reporting of Psychotherapeutic Success As a psychotherapist in private practice, I am of course responsible for my practice expenses as well as maintaining my clinical work. So, when the media talks about psychotherapeutic success, naturally I am interested both … Continue reading

Nomophobia and Therapy I am sure that there will be some of you who read the title of today’s piece and ask yourself, “Just what the heck is Nomophobia?” You would be right to ask, as this is a little … Continue reading

Remember Your Temper In The Heat Well, it is truly scorchio out there. Yesterday, today, tomorrow all promise to be very hot in the temperature department. Indeed, it is being said that it will be the hottest days on record. … Continue reading

Therapy for Gambling Issues I get asked about gambling by both my students and members of the public quite a bit. Gambling issues has become far more of an issue since the advent of online gabling and gambling applications. People … Continue reading

Bogus Prestige I must receive at least 3-5 emails a week trying to sell me on doing another course, more skills to add to my portfolio etc. One thing I could not help notice in nearly all of these advertisements. … Continue reading

Just Because You Have Celebrity Pals It Doesn’t Mean You Are a Good Therapist As regular readers of my musings will know, I have a certain issue in the use of celebrity to validate the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. Now, I … Continue reading

Dog A Key To Stress Management There is no shortage of news about how students are experiencing a great deal of stress due to their studies, and lives in general. Many universities are implementing novel intervention programmes in order to … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Public Image I have been noticing over the past several years that there seems to be a shift in the way that hypnotherapy is seen. Both in the popular press and professional journals. Hypnotherapy is being seen far … Continue reading

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