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A Post I Did Not Want To Write

A Post I Did Not Want To Write Well, I was dreading having to write this blog. I had hoped to avoid it, but I received something in my inbox today which was my tipping point. A book on using … Continue reading

Ethics in Marketing

Ethics in Marketing Well here is today’s effort and regular readers of my musing will recognise that this is the prelude to yet another rant regarding professional marketing within our profession. I am seeing a growth in practitioners and trainers … Continue reading

Being OK is Fine

Being OK is Fine It has been a little while since I have taken to this blog, but I find myself being rather frustrated with the number of therapists out in the world trademarking various “types” of therapy claiming that … Continue reading

Conversion Therapy and Faith

Conversion Therapy and Faith Today, the UK Government is bringing forth plans for progressive legislation seeking to ban the practice of conversion therapy. For those of you who may not know what this is, it is attempting to stop or … Continue reading

Therapists Get Over Yourselves

Therapists Get Over Yourselves Well this is a post I have no real desire to write. Maybe it is because the pandemic has taken its toll on all of us, maybe therapists have a narcissistic streak in them, maybe it … Continue reading

Once You Know Something You Cannot Un-Know It

Once You Know Something You Cannot Un-Know It When I trained psychotherapists this was a line I used very often when it came to information that a client may discover. Once a person knows something they really cannot un-know it. … Continue reading

Psychological Blood Letting

Psychological Blood Letting The big news over the past 48 hours has been the death of His Royal Highness Price Philip, Duke of Edinburgh at the age of 99. It can not be said that Prince Philip was a striking … Continue reading

Frustrations with Covid

Frustrations with Covid I have been in two minds about writing this blog, but with the plethora of emails and postings on social media I felt that I had to get this off my chest. Therapists, please stop trying to … Continue reading

John Rowan was born on this day in 1925

John Rowan was born on this day in 1925 John Rowan was a humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapist from London whose main publication was called Subpersonalities: The People Inside Us. For those readers who are familiar with parts work this is … Continue reading

Viktor Frankl was born on this day in 1905.

Viktor Frankl was born on this day in 1905 Viktor Frankel was an Austrian psychiatrist who worked in Vienna leading up to The Second World war but in 1942 he along with most of his family were arrested and sent … Continue reading

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