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Farewell To The Old This is the sentiment of a song which will be sung in the four corners of the world tonight. The song of course is the Robert Burns poem Auld Lang Syne. The song is about saying farewell … Continue reading

Don’t Give in to NYE Pressure to Drink Well for many people tomorrow is the best day of the holiday season, New Year’s Eve. Drinks a plenty good friends and all the trimmings are what most people look forward to. … Continue reading

Get Ready For The New Year Well we are closing in on New Year’s Day and the traditional need to make resolutions for change. I generally recommend to clients to not bother with resolutions because like diets, these are temporary … Continue reading

Be Sure Your Therapist is Qualified to Provide the Services Offered When looking about what to write about today, I came across an article in which a therapist is giving relationship advice despite the fact that therapists are not here … Continue reading

Be Mindful of What You Pay For Hypnotherapy Now that Christmas has passed it it time to start writing about professional subjects again. I was reading today about a woman who suffered with a food phobia who drove to London … Continue reading

Is Boxing Day Really What Christmas Should Be Well for many of my American friends and colleagues they are back to work the day after Christmas. We in the UK still celebrate the day after Christmas as Boxing Day. Now … Continue reading

Felicitations of the Day Today is a day not for therapy today is a day for being with the ones you care for if possible. If not, today is the day to make the best of the silence on the … Continue reading

Relax It’s Only Christmas Well it is the day before Christmas and people are beginning to get together and the festivities are beginning. For most, this will be a lovely time to be spent with family and friends. However, inevitably, … Continue reading

Self Disclosure A Good Thing or Not One of the things that can cause the greatest consternation for new therapists is whether or not to self disclose about themselves to their clients. This is a rather thorny issue, maintaining a … Continue reading

Take Some Time For Self Hypnosis Well as we enter the home stretch of the holiday season, all go, go, go. I would like to suggest that in this hectic time, it is more important than ever to make time … Continue reading

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