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Code of Ethics and Professional Practice

Adapted with permission from the UKCP document ©2019

This Code contains the standards of ethics, practice and conduct which NCHP & NSTT expects of all practitioners, and which must be followed whatever your level of practice (trainee, hypnotherapist, psychotherapeutic counsellor, psychotherapist) and whether you meet clients in person, online or otherwise.

The term ‘practitioner’ means an individual NCHP & NSTT trainee or member who practises under the auspices of the NCHP and/or NSTT.

The term ‘client’ includes individuals, couples, families or groups who engage in talking therapies.

Should a concern arise about a practitioner’s practice, it is against these standards that it will be judged under the NCHP/NSTT Complaints Procedure.


* This code does not apply to tutors or supervisors who are covered for these activities by specific codes

* The UKCP Complaints and Conduct Process takes precedence over the NCHP/NSTT Complaints Procedure for individuals accredited by UKCP

The practitioner commits to engage with the challenge of striving for ethical practice and conduct, even when doing so involves making difficult decisions.

In the numbered points below, we set out the things we regard as key to ethical practice and have grouped them under these headings:

As a practitioner you must:

Best interests of clients

  1. Act in your client’s best interests.
  2. Treat clients with respect.
  3. Respect your client’s autonomy.
  4. Not have sexual contact or sexual relationship with clients.
  5. Not exploit or abuse your relationship with clients (current or past) for any purpose including your emotional, sexual or financial gain.
  6. Not harm or collude in the harming of your client or the clients of others.


  1. Decline any gifts, favours, money or hospitality that might be interpreted as exploitative.
  2. Be aware of the power imbalance between the practitioner and client, and avoid dual or multiple relationships1which risk confusing an existing relationship and may impact adversely on a client. If a dual or multiple relationship is unavoidable, for example in a small community, take responsibility for clarifying and managing boundaries and protecting confidentiality.
  3. Exercise all reasonable care before entering into a personal or business relationship with former clients, taking into account the time that has elapsed since therapy ended. Should such a relationship prove to be detrimental to the former client, you may be called to answer an allegation of misusing your former position.


Communication and consent


Records and confidentiality

Professional knowledge, skills and experience 

Social responsibility

Trust and confidence


  1. CPD

UKCP registrants undertake to adhere to CPD requirements of UKCP. Other members are required to be able to demonstrate having undertaken a minimum of 15 hours of Continuing Professional Development per annum. CPD activities can include:

In exceptional circumstances other activities such as journalled reading or watching of DVDs may be considered. Such circumstances may include illness, caring for a family member, having a baby.

If in doubt as to the validity of your CPD activities please check with the office in advance and keep the email of approval.

  1. Supervision

UKCP registrants undertake to adhere to supervision requirements of UKCP. These requirements are held in separate documents.

All members are required to have supervision or peer support dependent on their level of experience:

Supervisors/peer supporters may be required, at any time, to produce a report on the participation of the supervisee, and the supervisee’s standing as a registrant in good standing may be affected by this report.

  1. Working online

Anyone wishing to offer online therapy must have an appropriate qualification specifically for working in this way.

1 Such relationships could be social or commercial relationships between practitioner and client, or a supervisory or training relationship running alongside the therapeutic one.


Welcome Message

Manchester Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Services:

I have utilised hypnosis since 1989 for the treatment of a variety of psychological and emotional issues such as:

This listing is by no means exhaustive. For full details of what hypnotherapy can be effective in treating, click here for a full list of conditions treatable with hypnosis.

I am recognised by BUPA, AVIVA, PruHealth, and WPA for psychotherapeutic referrals.

If you want to ensure that I am the right therapist for you, please either email me at or call me on 0161 881 1677 and I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have. I offer a no obligation consultation giving you the chance to determine whether I am the right therapist for you. You may also find that reading my code of ethics, practice agreement, my about me page, and/or my CV page will help to give you a better idea of what to expect if you consult me.

Manchester Hypnotherapy:

 Manchester Hypnotherapist Shaun Brookhouse

I see clients online (remotely) or in my comfortable and discrete Victorian Consulting Rooms in Whalley Range, Greater Manchester. 3 Miles from the City Centre of Manchester (easy access from Chorlton, Stretford, Didsbury, Sale, Altrincham, Withington, Stockport, Knutsford, Salford Quays and Cheshire). There is free off street parking. Mine is the longest established Hypnotherapy Practice in South Manchester. I also provide sessions via Zoom, SKYPE WhatsApp or FaceTime if you cannot attend sessions at my practice.

Manchester Psychotherapist

 Manchester Hypnotherapist Shaun Brookhouse

Unlike most hypnotherapists, I am also an accredited Psychotherapist for over 25 years with the UK Council for Psychotherapy. The skills I acquired as a psychotherapist assists the hypnotherapeutic process considerably and helps my clients gain new insights into the potential causes of their issues. This is still done in a brief, solution focused manner.

Honorary Fellow of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

Honorary Fellow of UKCPIn recognition of the distinguished contribution Shaun has made to the field of psychotherapy, the Board of Trustees of the UK Council for Psychotherapy awarded him an Honorary Fellowship of UKCP in November 2018 Shaun is one of only two Hypno-Psychotherapists to have received this honour from UKCP.

Hypnotherapy Supervision

Hypnotherapy SupervisionSince 2001 I have been providing supervision for hypnotherapists in Manchester as well as throughout the UK. Sessions can be face to face, one to one, groups or on Zoom, WhatsApp, SKYPE or FaceTime. I provide supervision in accordance with the requirements for practitioner registered with UKCP, NSTT, NCH, as well as other professional bodies for hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

Clinical Traumatology

Clinical TraumatologyI have recently completed a specialist certification programme in Clinical Traumatology in order to assist my clients with PTSD more effectively. Trauma work requires specialist training beyond a practitioner's initial training.

After Dinner Speaker

Shaun Brookhouse, International Speaker and PresenterI have presented courses, seminars, after dinner speeches and workshops in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and the Far East on various aspects of hypnosis and psychotherapy. To date, I have presented over 50 programmes at international hypnotherapy and psychotherapy conferences around the world. If you want a dynamic and entertaining after dinner speaker, get in touch.

Where to Find Us

Brookhouse Hypnotherapy Manchester

10 Mayfield Rd
Whalley Range,
Manchester, Greater Manchester M16 8FT
United Kingdom (UK)
Phone: 01618811677
Additional phone number: 07498210342

Opening Hours

Monday8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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