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On-Line Therapy Manchester

On-Line Therapy – e-therapy – is when a professional psychotherapist talks with you over the Internet, to give you emotional support, mental health advice or some other professional service. This service can be done over the client’s preferred VOIP (FaceTime, SKYPE, Zoom, MW Teams, WhatsApp, VSEE, etc)

Online Therapy is a viable and effective form of help when traditional psychotherapy is not accessible (due to distance or scheduling). Its effective. Its private. At Brookhouse Hypnotherapy Manchester, it is conducted by Shaun Brookhouse, a skilled, qualified, ethical professional. He has undertaken a specialist certification in On-Line Therapy, so he is well versed with the therepeutic and ethical considerations of this form of therapy.

There are limitations to the approach, some forms of hypnosis for example would not be utilised in these sessions, also as with all technology, the effectiveness will also be dependent on the equipment and internet connection being used by both parties. Our practice has invested in the most up to date computer equipment and most reliable high speed broadband for this very reason.

On-Line directly addresses the issue of so many people having a diagnosable mental health issue, which sadly for the majority never get treatment for. Online Therapy makes therapy far more accessible so that far more people can get the help they need.

With many people feeling that the traditional approach to mental well being has failed them, they turn to the Internet more and more for advice and therefore it is logical that they would also turn to it in order to seek out and received ethical and effective therapy.

Brookhouse Hypnotherapy Manchester has been helping people just like you to make significant improvements in order to live a happier and more fulfilling life. If you would like more information, please contact me at or call 0161 881 1677 for an appointment in Manchester or simply to find out more about clinical hypnosis.