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More and More People Becoming Hypnotherapists

More and More People Becoming Hypnotherapists

In addition my clinical work, I have been involved with the teaching and training of hypnotherapists and psychotherapists since 1993. Unlike many professions, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy tends to attract people who are looking for a second career. I am an exception to this, as hypnotherapy is my first career having started in 1989. That being said, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy trainings tend to attract people who have had enough of the career that they are currently in.

Indeed, many people who start their training in hypnotherapy and/or psychotherapy start it in their mid to late forties. A time when most people thing that their academic careers are at an end, more and more are starting them again to train to enter the therapeutic professions.

I believe there are several reasons for this. One of which is that the trainees have experienced hypnotherapy and/or psychotherapy for themselves and experienced a transformation. Another is that people are more and more realising that having a successful career without a feeling of making some kind of difference is no career at all. I have trained lawyers, accountants, and other professionals to start their lives over again as a hypnotherapist and/or psychotherapist. Always remember it is never too late to change your life, so if a career change appeals, consider hypnotherapy and/or psychotherapy.

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