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A Little Sunday Positivity I had a message from one of my regular readers of my posts who commented that the past couple of postings seemed negative in comparison to the posts I usually write. As I thought about this … Continue reading

Award Winning Therapist I must really have a bee in my bonnet this week, or it’s could be the practises of some of my colleagues are becoming more and more frustrating to me. In any event, we carry on with … Continue reading

Following Up Yesterday’s Post I guess that I am on a kick at the moment, or the universe is giving me things to get into my proverbial bonnet. I spoke yesterday about the need for the hypnotherapy profession to grow … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy Needs to Grow Up Today’s offering falls into the rant category, so I expect to get some emails criticising this piece. I have been involved in the leadership of the profession since 1993, my friend and business partner created … Continue reading

Millions of Pounds Cut in Mental Health Care Despite assurances to the contrary, it would appear that mental health is still the poor relation of healthcare. Indeed, a report which has come out has shown that in 5 regions of … Continue reading

The Importance of Acceptance I am a solutions and outcome based therapist, by which I mean my therapeutic goal and philosophy is to help people to move toward their desired outcome. This may mean that I look at past situations … Continue reading

Is Psychotherapy Science This is a topic which comes up regularly on my training weekends, so I thought it might be interesting to air it out here. There are some in the psychotherapeutic community which hold to the idea that … Continue reading

The Pain of Indifference I was thinking about a friend of mine this morning when I was getting ready to write my piece today. This friend of mine has a difficult relationship with his family yet he is kept in … Continue reading

Should Your Hypnotherapist Be Trained in Psychotherapy and/or Counselling This is a question that I have researched  and have revisited several times. When I first qualified as a hypnotherapist in 1989, my answer to this question would have been no. … Continue reading

What’s The Big Deal About Guilt Guilt has been the punchline of many a comedian, however, guilt is not a laughing matter. In a simplistic way we can look at emotions as being a positive or negative. I say this … Continue reading

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