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Are You Too Competitive

Are You too Competitive I was having a conversation recently with a friend who asked me about being too competitive. I thought to myself “Is it possible to be too competitive?” For many people they are raised with the idea … Continue reading

Types of Goals

Types of Goals The basic motivations in life are avoidance of pain and pursuit of pleasure. All goals can be chunked up to this ultimately. Research has shown that the motivation to avoid pain is more than twice as strong as … Continue reading

Importance of Goals

Importance of Goals In order to get what you want, you must know what you want Ok, so it’s not always true: I didn’t know I wanted a digital camera until I won one in a competition, but conversely, I would never have got … Continue reading

The Success Formula

The Success Formula Another formula, you might find useful which is designed (by Fiona Biddle and myself) to show the elements required in a process to have a successful outcome: Success = goal + movement + resources obstacles If we … Continue reading

What does coaching involve?

What does coaching involve? I am often asked what sort of things are involved with coaching and why would I want to work with a coach. Here are some components as to what coaching involves. An interactive relationship between two … Continue reading

The coaching process

The coaching process For many people, coaching and psychotherapy are the same thing. They are not however, for my coaching clients: I support my clients to Be more Achieve more Feel better Encourage organisation so that they can fit in … Continue reading

Championing in Therapy

Championing in Therapy I highlight this skill here due to its critical importance for the coaching relationship. We have already stated that a coach’s job is to be the client’s number one fan, and championing is a way to demonstrate this … Continue reading

Feedback in Therapy

Feedback in Therapy One of the most powerful therapeutic skills is the ability to give constructive feedback, both positive and negative. Feedback is direct, clear and, most important, without judgement. Communication with judgement is praise or criticism. 4 elements for … Continue reading

Positive Thinking in Therapy

Positive Thinking in Therapy “With a positive mental attitude you cannot fail to succeed. With a negative mental attitude you cannot fail to fail.” But then: “There is no such thing as failure: only feedback!” (Clearly both these quotes are … Continue reading

Tasking in therapy

Tasking in therapy Tasking is one of the most crucial aspects of the therapeutic relationship. It is one of the fundamental ways of motivating your clients. As long as you ensure they do not see this as being like homework … Continue reading

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