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Another Hypnotherapist Accused of Sexual Assault

Another Hypnotherapist Accused of Sexual Assault

At the beginning of this piece, I want to make it clear that I am not giving an opinion as to the innocence or guilt of the hypnotherapist in this case. My observations should be considered general and more for the profession to think of with regards to training and competence.

With another hypnotherapist being accused of sexual assault, I am given pause to consider that this is something that trainers need to consider when teaching would be hypnotherapists. I say this because, there is a potential that being a hypnotherapist can appeal to people who may be predators. It is relatively easy for people to get past a school because the average trining to become a hypnotherapist is short. These tendencies may take months or even years to present themselves.

Part of the reason I have advocated the need for hypnotherapy training to have a rethink about the length of time for training is just this. It is necessary to teach the concept of boundaries to want to be hypnotherapists as well as trainers need time to truly assess the people who they are sending into the world as practitioners. If the profession as a whole would accept this need for longer and more thorough training, it would be a truly big step forward in the continual professionalisation of hypnotherapy.

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