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Why Consider Hypno-Psychotherapy A common question I get asked from potential clients and even members of the public is “What is the difference between hypnotherapy and hypno-psychotherapy?” I will usually answer that there should not be one, but in reality … Continue reading

Negative Self Talk and Mental Health In all the years I have been practising therapy, there is one thing that I have always said to clients that they could do to assist themselves with their own mental state. That is … Continue reading

Be Careful of Claiming Success This is a familiar rant today, and something that I believe is an issue which must lay firmly at the feet of hypnotherapy trainers. I am so tired of practitioners claiming that this approach or … Continue reading

Misuse of the Title Licensed I had a phone call yesterday from a potential client who was looking for therapeutic services. As the call neared a conclusion I was asked if I was a “Licensed Therapist”. I explained that in … Continue reading

Being A Harley Street Therapist Is Not A Qualification This is a subject that I have alluded to over the years but thought I would be more blunt today. So often I see articles which quote “Harley Street Expert”. I … Continue reading

Media Responsibility and Hypnotherapy In my usual morning research for what to write about today, I came across an article in one of the tabloids which discusses hypnotherapy and thinking yourself thin. The problem is that the article was what … Continue reading

Have a Bit of Perspective Sorry for regular readers of my missives for yesterday, it was a travelling day for me and I just did not have the chance to write up something for your enjoyment. Over the Easter break … Continue reading

Eating Disorders and Hypnosis Well, I am afraid that today’s offer is a bit of a rant which will probably not go down with many of my hypnotherapy colleagues. I was reading an article written by a hypnotherapist talking about … Continue reading

What Makes a Good Psychotherapist This is a question that I have been asked as both a clinician and teacher. So many people train to become psychotherapists, yet many do not go further than their training. So what does this … Continue reading

More On Sleep and Its Myths One of the most common things I work with clients on is sleep. Whether they came because of sleep issues or whether sleep issues is a consequence of the issue that they did present … Continue reading

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