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Skunk and Mental Health Cannabis is one of the most popular recreational drugs in the UK. Yes, I know that cannabis is not for many a drug as it is a grown and is more herbal than chemical. Or at … Continue reading

Millennials and Obesity Cancer UK has recently published that Millennials, those born between the early 1980’s and mid 1990’s are on track to become the most overweight generation since records began. Indeed, they are approximating 70% of this generation will … Continue reading

Hypnosis Trainers Need To Be Honest A bit of a bug bear for me is that many of the “new generation” hypnotherapy trainers seem to be willing to promote any course whether or not it will be of any appreciable … Continue reading

A Moment of Political Commentary I hope regular readers will forgive me for what is in effect a purely political posting which I feel an urge to share. I know that there will be some, especially some of my American … Continue reading

Weinstein and Hypnosis I was looking around to see what to focus on for today’s offering, and I came across an article which claims that Mr Weinstein is or has undergone hypnotherapy as part of his treatment for his myriad … Continue reading

The Policitcalisation of Death I have been fairly quiet regarding the lastest school mass murder in the United States. As someone originally from the States I simply cannot understand the necessity to maintain the status quo. Indeed, the NRA has … Continue reading

Anti-Depressants Work Talking Therapy Needed Too In a comprehensive study of some 522 trials involving 116,477 people showed that 21 common anti-depressants to be effective. Many of my clients take anti-depressants as part of their treatment with me. Many of these … Continue reading

Hypnosis and Trauma One of the reasons I bang on so about the professionalism of hypnosis is that it is a very effective intervention for a number of complex psychological issues. One of which is trauma. Trauma is a condition … Continue reading

Debt Collection and Mental Health There is little doubt that our society has overstretched itself when it comes to personal debt. Indeed, from the Bank of England on down it has been said that the public is taking on more … Continue reading

It Is Time To Stop Calling Yourself The “Top” Anything In Our Profession Today is going to be another rant I am afraid. I came across a press release from a colleague calling himself the UK’s Top Hypnotherapy Trainer. I … Continue reading

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