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Two in Three Smokers Die from Tobacco This is the terrifying statistic from research recently undertaken in Australia. These findings are based on the following of 200,000 Australian smokers over 6 years above the age of 45. Smoking what some … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy for Memory Enhancement Manchester We have all experienced an episode where we have forgotten someone’s name or forgot where we placed our eyeglasses, cell phone or house keys. These types of instances can be disturbing, costly, embarrassing and inconvenient. … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy Treatment for Self Esteem When self-esteem is too low (depression) or too high (narcissism), it can be damaging to a person’s life and relationships. A healthy and balanced self-esteem is essential to achieve happiness and success.When a person can … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy for Generalised Anxiety Disorder Usually when a person has a phobia, they know that the trigger is (for example: fear of snakes or speaking in public) but with generalized anxiety disorder, the exact cause of the anxiety is not … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy for PTSD Manchester Post traumatic Stress Disorder is better known as PTSD has various symptoms associated with a particular traumatic event. Ten percent of the world’s population is affected with PTSD and anyone can be affected this with disorder. … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy to treat stress in Manchester There are some nasty negative physiological connections associated with stress and they can include, but not limited to:Hair loss, Bruxism (teeth grinding), constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence, excess sweating, infertility, insomnia, loss of appetite, stuttering, tension … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management With the technology that monitors brain activity, researchers have been able to determine that clinical hypnotherapy sessions reduced chronic pain in patients on a more consistent basis than other types of pain management methods.It is hard … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking You are standing in front of a room full of friendly faces that are willing to encourage you and listen to the information and/or ideas that you will be bringing to their attention., but soon you … Continue reading

Weight Management Hypnotherapy When coupled with exercise and a healthy eating plan, hypnotherapy is a useful tool to achieve your weight loss goal.When a patient is under hypnosis, their focus is intense and they are in a relaxed state of … Continue reading

Uses of Mindfulness Mindfulness is basically purposeful thinking. Awareness and mindfulness are often used interchangeably, but they are different. For instance, I can be aware of the fact that I’m feeling irritable, but that would not be the same as … Continue reading

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