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What is a Psychotherapist This is a common question that I get asked many times. I describe myself as a psychotherapist who uses hypnosis as my primary vehicle for delivering therapy. My orientation is brief solution focused which favours an … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Communication This might sound a peculiar thing to say, but many people come to see me for hypnotherapy in order to improve their communication skills. Now, of course, the idea of using hypnotherapy for public speaking and other … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Negative Thinking Some say that thoughts aren’t real and in any event they cannot hurt you. I would respectfully disagree, as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, the thing I have seen as almost a universal component to unhealthy behaviour … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Peer Pressure The idea of peer pressure for many of use evoke memories of our youth, particularly in our teen age years, where we begin the process of learning how to establish boundaries and as we work toward … Continue reading

Compassionate Mental Health This post will have a different flavour to posts in the past, I say this because I write this post with a degree or anger and I would generally not be so forthright in these posts. I … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Spirituality Though society has become increasingly more secular, this has not impeded the increase of people being interested in spirituality in general and for their own developmental purposes. With the rise of modalities like Mindfulness, it is a … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy Regulation To follow along with my last two articles on the misconceptions which surround hypnotherapy, I thought it might be helpful to revisit the issue of hypnotherapy regulation. This is not as clear cut as one might expect, indeed … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy Misconceptions Pt2 For those of you who are regular readers of my musings, you will know that I wrote yesterday about some common misconceptions about hypnotherapy. Today, I want to add two more misconceptions to look at and overcome. … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy Misconceptions Having been a practising hypnotherapist for more than two decades, it never ceases to amaze me that people still have great misconceptions about hypnosis in general and hypnotherapy specifically. Today, I would like to look at some of … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and the Core Conditions In a recent article I wrote about integrative hypnotherapy and how this is an overarching approach to the work that I do. I would like today to make this a bit more specific, in addition … Continue reading

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