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Internet Pornography Addiction Treatment Manchester

Internet Pornography Addiction Manchester

Internet Pornography Addiction Hypnotherapy Manchester: Are you finding internet pornography to be a challenge that you are struggling with? Perhaps hypno-psychotherapy may be an answer for you.

People who suffer with internet pornography addiction often suffer symptoms of depression, social isolation, career loss, a lack of productivity, and potential financial difficulties due to their condition.

A recent study found that 17% of people who viewed pornography on the Internet met criteria for problematic sexual compulsivity. This means that you are not alone in dealing with this often delicate issue.

Some say that for an addiction to be an addiction there must be a physical dependence. However, In 2011, the American Society of Addiction Medicine published a definition of addiction that for the first time stated that addiction includes pathological pursuit of all kinds of external rewards and not just substance dependence.

Internet pornography is considered more addictive than ordinary pornography because of its wide availability, explicit nature, and the privacy that online viewing offers. Some claim that addicts regularly spend extended periods of time searching the internet for new or increasingly hard-core pornography

By utilising a combination of hypnotherapy with solution focused psychotherapy, I can help you to find your way out of this difficulty and return to a more healthy sexual attitude towards yourself and towards those you care about.

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