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What are the Origins of Cognitive Therapy Pt 2 During childhood a person develops core beliefs and assumptions about life. These are stable and become stored as memories; they are called ‘schemas’. Beliefs, or core constructs, are unconditional ‘truths’ such … Continue reading

What are the Origins of Cognitive Therapy Cognitive herapy was originated by Aaron Beck and, separately, Albert Ellis. Ellis later developed Rational Emotive Behavioural herapy, which has very similar themes and approaches to Beck’s C . CB was later developed … Continue reading

What is the Creative Self Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of Adler’s own optimistic private logic was his assumption that people are creative, responsible and self-determining. He believed in the free will of the individual to respond to genetic and … Continue reading

Therapeutic Ambience & Goals Moving to Adlerian therapy per se,  a prominent  feature of the therapeutic ambience is the equal relationship between client and therapist. Indeed, the therapeutic alliance  may  be the client’s first experience of a truly democratic and … Continue reading

What is Private Logic Exterior life-style and alignment towards the final goal are supported by  an  interior  and  idiosyncratic  private  logic. Private  logic comprises the values and beliefs upon which a person operates. It, too, is created in childhood and … Continue reading

Adlerian Life-Style Evolving from and oriented towards the final goal is an individual’s life-style. Life-style is determined by specific inferiorities, perceived or actual, and comprises the implementation of compensatory schemes. Adler’s final goal to overcome death propelled him towards becoming … Continue reading

Striving for Superiority and Fictional Finalism Striving for Superiority To recap and summarise, sense of inferiority cues compensation.  Adler proposed initially the involvement in this of aggressive instincts, before moving on to  the  notion  of will  to  power.  Many texts … Continue reading

What is the Family Constellation Regarding the position  of each child  within  the family structure, Adler prescribed neglect and pampering as principal factors predisposing an inferiority complex. Neglected children may suffer a childhood full of humiliation, experiencing neither the security … Continue reading

Inferiority Theory Adler’s initial  ideas  on  psychopathology  were  outlined in A Study of Organ Inferiority. From his medical work, he noted that deficiencies in  the  development  or  functioning  of  a bodily organ frequently initiated a compensatory process. Thus, a kidney … Continue reading

Potential Strengths to Freudian Theory A prominent, yet perhaps undervalued, strength of Freudian theory is its emphasis upon factors arising within the person as leading to psychological difficulties.  This more humanitarian perspective than hitherto advanced a trend originated by Philippe … Continue reading

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