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Drinking and Hypnotherapy As we head into News Year’s Eve, thoughts turn to drinking and partying. This is a time that should be enjoyed, but for many there are challenges when it comes to drink. Alcohol is something that should … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy and Fear of Change Following on from yesterday’s effort, one must not forget that though this is the season of resolutions and change, for many this represents a grave fear for them. Change, like death and taxes, is one … Continue reading

New Year Resolutions and Hypnotherapy As the New Year edges closer and closer, minds are beginning to turn to the annual New Year resolution ritual. Now it should be said the concept of resolutions is a good thing, New Year … Continue reading

Emotional House Cleaning This is a difficult time of year for many people. Alcohol and imposed closeness with family can cause emotions to run high. For many this is the time of year when these feelings are let out for … Continue reading

Good News For Hypnotherapy Since 2016, Southampton University began to offer hypnotherapy as an alternative to counselling for students suffering with anxiety and depression. Sixty two students took up this option in 2016-17 and one hundred and fifty took it … Continue reading

Boxing Day 2018 Today is Boxing Day, a day that has become synonymous with sales and shopping. It can be a day of chaos and yet another opportunity to spend more money than is available, to purchase that one indispensable … Continue reading

Happy Christmas 2018 To my clients current and past, my students, past and present and to the readers of my musings, have a very Happy Christmas. Keep well and safe.

The Wounds You Cannot See On this Christmas Eve, I would like to focus on a very important issue for me and most of my colleagues. Today I would like to ask that in addition to your celebrations you give … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy on Loose Women In a recent episode of the ITV programme Loose Women Caroline Flack discussed her challenges with anxiety and how she turned to hypnotherapy to assist her in overcoming the anxiety she felt before taking up her … Continue reading

Revisit The Good This Holiday Season All too often the holidays are overrun with commercialism and false sentiment. It is not good for our collective mental health. So as I was organising myself today, I happened upon “The Muppets Movie”. … Continue reading

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