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Caligynephobia Fear / Phobia of Beautiful Women Caligynephobia, is also known as Venustraphobia or Gynephobia This is the extreme fear of beautiful women. Men can become intimidated by very attractive women, and men are not the only ones who suffer … Continue reading

Botanophobia€“ Fear of plants Plants are an essential part of nature because it provides us with the very building blocks of our existence. Plants are responsible for the oxygen we need to live, the food that we require, and  earth … Continue reading

Blennophobia Fear of slime Blennophobia is an irrational and extreme fear of all things that are slick, gooey, and slippery slime. Slime can be found in both nature as well as being man-made and are usually transparent, sticky and viscous. … Continue reading

Belonephobia- Fear of pins and needles Belonephobia, also known as Aichmophobia is a phobia which is caused by an abnormal and significant fear of sharp objects like knives, needles, and even pencils. This phobia can often be mistaken for Trypanophobia … Continue reading

Batophobia- Fear of heights or being close to high buildings The irrational, overwhelming and continued fear heights or being close to tall buildings is called batophobia and is different from bathophobia which as previously discussed is the fear of depth. … Continue reading

Ballistophobia Fear of missiles or bullets Ballistophobia is a severe fear or anxiety of bullets and this fear can certainly have a valid reason. Considering the intrinsic danger of bullets and missiles are why some people develop intense and persistent … Continue reading

Bathophobia- Fear of depth Bathophobia is a severe fear of depths. This can include things like deep wells, lakes, and pools, as well as long darkish hallways and other types of depths. As a general rule, in a scenario where … Continue reading

Bufonophobia Fear of toads Toads are amphibians that have what many consider to be very unpleasant physical traits including the potential of being dangerous. They are different from frogs though most people can’t tell the difference between. Toads may have … Continue reading

Bibliophobia- Fear of books Bibliophobia is an uncommon concern that’s connected with either a worry of books or hate of books. This phobic neurosis are confined to specific books; for example those fearing sorcery may read the Harry Potter series … Continue reading

Brontophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning Also typically referred to as a simple phobia, also known as brontophobia it is a condition where a person experiences extreme worry of lighting and thunder. This type of phobic neurosis is sometimes starts … Continue reading

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