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Hypnotherapists Must Stick to Their Competence Most, if not all, professions have a set of competences which identify the work that they do. Not only about what they do but also what they should not do ethically or legally. In … Continue reading

Communication is a Key to Good Mental Health I know today’s topic may sound a little twee, but is absolutely a truism. Communication is a major component to good mental health. I am seeing more and more clients who are … Continue reading

Is There a Place for Faith in Psychotherapy I have come across several articles lately where there seems to be a mix of faith, particularly Christianity, and psychotherapy. Now, I want to say from the outset, I do not have … Continue reading

Do Hypnotherapists Take Research Seriously I could simply answer this question in one word, which would be NO. However, that would make for a very short article for the day, so let me elaborate. Very often hypnotherapists and organisations representing … Continue reading

Are Hypnotherapy Apps for Sleeping Useful I am a practitioner who embraced the use of an app for my clients. On it has several recordings that clients can utilise as an additional means of support as they are going through … Continue reading

Is Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy the Same Thing This may seem an odd question to be asking, however, with the proliferation of hypnotherapists calling themselves psychotherapists it seems a worthwhile question to be asking. Now, there are similarities between psychotherapy and … Continue reading

Now is the Time for Your New Year’s Goal Think Hypnotherapy I know you are probably thinking this is a mistake, after all it is only the 24th of November, but no it is not a mistake at all. All … Continue reading

Lack of Ethics in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Training With the various methods that advertisers have a way to reach us via our browsing histories and websites we visit. If these did not exist, I would not have my subject for … Continue reading

Political Anxiety and Hypnotherapy You would have to be living in a cave to not know that there is a tremendous amount of anxiety regarding politics and the state of the world at the moment. Whether it is the actions … Continue reading

Self Disclosure and Hypnotherapy There is a lot of talk in our profession about how much, if at all, should a therapist disclose about themselves in the sessions they conduct. If one were to look at Person Centred Therapy, as … Continue reading

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