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SIX-STEP REFRAMING Background to, and extensions of, this sometimes intricate procedure will be presented during the course. Briefly, six-step reframing is a psychodynamic (“parts”) technique, contrasting with the cognitive-behavioural orientation of, say, anchoring or the swish pattern. Summary of Six-Step … Continue reading

THE “SWISH” PATTERN The “swish” is probably the performance enhancement technique of choice for good visualisers.  Richard Bandler, co-founder of NLP, suggests that performance sabotage occurs when we flash up in our mind’s eye an image of ourselves failing.  A … Continue reading

What does coaching involve? I am often asked what sort of things are involved with coaching and why would I want to work with a coach. Here are some components as to what coaching involves. An interactive relationship between two … Continue reading

The coaching process For many people, coaching and psychotherapy are the same thing. They are not however, for my coaching clients: I support my clients to Be more Achieve more Feel better Encourage organisation so that they can fit in … Continue reading

Being Your Best The idea that the average is good is an anathema to the high performance client, being average is settling, being average is being unhealthy, lousy at relationships, unhappy with work, and most important unhappy with yourself. Many … Continue reading

Personality styles There are all sorts of ways of classifying people. The Jungian way of defining people as introverts or extroverts, thinkers or feelers etc. is explained in Talking your Way to the Top. There is also the Freudian concept … Continue reading

How to deal with worry Here are some ideas to use with worry: BE CLEAR Get the client to write down exactly what they are worried about and how the items are a problem. Tackle the items on the list … Continue reading

Worry Worry can be good. It can help a client to prepare for an event, to do their best, to avoid problems. But it can get out of hand, causing confusion and an inability to order thoughts. It can build … Continue reading

Accountability Aha! This is a biggy. All the coaching books talk about how client needs to be accountable, and most give tips on how to achieve this. Often these tips include making the client feel beholden to you so that … Continue reading

15 ways to be more creative Ask €œwhat if€ questions- the sillier the better, eg What if I paid myself a tip for every time I am nice to a client? Use metaphors and analogies, eg my job is like … Continue reading

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