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What is Leadership

What is Leadership

If you are a regular reader of my musings, you will know that I have a real downer on people making claims about themselves and practices which are subjective to say the least. I am seeing more and more people using the term “leader” in their description. Whilst, of course, there are leaders in every field of endeavour that’s just common sense. However, on what do those who claim the title leader base their claim on?

I was reading a statement made by a friend and colleague today on one of the social media outlets and this inspired my post for today. This colleague is a POC (Person of Colour) who was chairing a charity which represents a marginalised community which is seeking nothing more than equity. This individual endured racism and misogyny whilst occupying this role. Did she step aside? Was she silenced? NO! She did her job and worked incredibly hard to do what was right for her community in order to make the world a fairer and more equitable place.

I use this as an example of what I mean because this person does not call herself a leader and I would suspect that for anyone to call her such would cause a bit of embarrassment. However, to stand up and be counted, to do what is needed to help others and to be a force for good are the key qualities every leader has in my opinion. Indeed, I would add one further attribute to be a true leader….humility. The world is in desperate need of real leaders not pretenders who have no substance and are only trying to make a quick buck (or quid). Go out do your work as therapists help people to change their lives this will make leaders of us all.

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