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And The Winner Is NOBODY Well unless you have had your head buried in the sand, you cannot help but to have noticed that it is awards season in Hollywood. I thought I would talk a little today about “award … Continue reading

Does Hypnosis Require Faith The title for today may sound as though I am trying to incorporate hypnosis with theology. I can assure you that both have their place but not necessarily with each other. What I mean today, is … Continue reading

Is Meditation Self Hypnosis By Another Name One of the things I often ask clients to do is to do some form of self hypnosis as part of their treatment with me. It is an excellent way for the client … Continue reading

Depression: The Leading Cause of Disability in the World Yes you read the title correctly, depression is now the leading cause of disability worldwide. The is claimed by the World Health Organisation, who are best placed to know about such … Continue reading

What You Can Conceive You Can Achieve Today’s title is something that many of you will have heard before it is a standard line within the self-development therapeutic community. It may sound a bit cheesy to some, but in reality … Continue reading

The Power of Language I intend to use political reference to start off this post, but please do not interpret this as a political post. I have been keeping tabs on my country of birth. I have noticed that the … Continue reading

Can Pessimism Be Positive I often hear from clients that they are not very positive about the future. Be that their own future in a personal sense or the future of the world around them. There is a real sense … Continue reading

Drop in US Teen Suicide Attempts Linked to Gay Marriage Isn’t it a wonderful thing when doing the right thing has even more beneficial consequences. For many years, the psychiatric community has talked about the detrimental effect on mental health … Continue reading

Living With Fear Anxiety and fear is something that is rather common place at the moment. Whether that fear is created by things directly under the control of the individual or not people have learned that fear is very much … Continue reading

What is the Difference Between Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy For many people looking for hypnotherapy services, one cannot help to notice that there are many people who are advertising themselves as Clinical Hypnotherapists who practise Clinical Hypnotherapy. This may sound … Continue reading

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