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Study Performance and Hypnosis At this time of year the academic assessments begin. Having a practice in a university city, I have seen from May through June Undergraduates as well as Post Graduate students come to me all with the … Continue reading

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Are We Doing Enough In the UK, today is the Spring Bank Holiday Monday, in the US, it is Memorial Day. For those who do not know what that is, Memorial Day is a holiday which … Continue reading

What’s in a Name Many people have a great fascination regarding the subject of hypnotherapy, hypnotism and hypno-psychotherapy. You will notice the common denominator in these words is hypno. Hypno, comes from the ancient Greek god, Hypnos who in mythology … Continue reading

The Importance of Saying Sorry I was watching the news this morning and was drawn to the story of President Obama going to Hiroshima, the first sitting US President to do so. The bit that interested me was protesters who … Continue reading

Two Words You Don’t Want To Hear Together There are many words which would fall into the category which I have titled this blog, some are more humorous than others. However, there are some words that send a chill up … Continue reading

Can Hypnosis Help With Anger Management One of the potential by-products of our high stress and high achieving lifestyle seems to be a rise in people having difficulty with controlling what is in effect inappropriate anger. I suppose the first … Continue reading

How Much Control Do We Really Have In a world which seems to require more and more attention thanks to technological inventions which keep us connected and aware of things happening 24/7 and newscasts which let us know world events … Continue reading

 To Eat Fat or Not That is the Question One of the more common issues which comes through my office is the desire for clients to be able to manage their weight effectively. For most coming to a hypno-psychotherapist or … Continue reading

Is Spirituality Good for Menal Health? I have been asked by student and client alike about the importance or not of spirituality with regards to good mental health. I say that some form of spirituality is a very good and … Continue reading

21 May a New Beginning As I woke this morning, I was very pleased and excited as today is the day for one of the great privileges of my working life. Today is the day for a new Stage 1 … Continue reading

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