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Hypnotherapy to Help Anxiety When my students ask me what is the most common issue I work with in practice is, I will never hesitate it is anxiety related issues. This should not be a surprise to anyone. We live … Continue reading

Hypnotic Gimmicks Yet again, I wake to find another newspaper (ok a tabloid) spouting about another hypnotic gimmick which will make your life so much better. Again, sadly this one has to do with your sex life. The “the hands … Continue reading

Finding My Partner a Hypnotherapist This is a common question I get asked for phone and email enquirers. However, the answer is not as easy as it sounds. Yes, of course, I can explain all the relevant points regarding experience … Continue reading

Mental Health and Cosmetic Surgery This is a subject I have had strong opinions on for a number of years. I noticed in an article this morning there are calls for more mental health checks before Superdrug gives their Botox … Continue reading

A Six Day Hypnotherapy Diploma I think NOT In my inbox the other morning I received a mailing from a training company that I have never heard of, with a trainer I never heard of selling me a six day … Continue reading

More Nonsense on Using Hypnotherapy To Overcome Relationship Breakups Here we go again, I hear some of you saying when you look at today’s topic. Now, let me start by saying that hypnotherapy when used in conjunction with legitimate psychotherapy … Continue reading

More Hype and Less Substance in Hypnotherapy I know that there will be more than a few of you out there who will see today’s title and sigh “Oh no, what’s he complaining about now”. In truth, there is a … Continue reading

30 Years of Hypnotherapy Practice It was the 15th of January 1989 when I began my life long journey in the practice of hypnotherapy. It was on this day, that I received my first qualification in hypnotherapy. It seems only … Continue reading

Stick To What You Are Qualified To Write About in Hypnotherapy I have noticed that there are many hypnotherapists who have taken to writing blogs for their own websites as well as the websites of other organisations. This, of course, … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy The New Approach for Smoking Cessation In keeping with my New Year’s habit of writing about some of the wrongs with hypnotherapy marketing, I find myself confronting another typical method of marketing hypnotherapy. I came across an article describing … Continue reading

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