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Adversity and Resilience It is a fact of life that there are things that come into our existence which are sent to try us. We try so hard, often in vein, to fix things outside of our control and not … Continue reading

Psychotherapy and Brexit I know that for some of you the title of today’s piece will have you groaning “Oh not Brexit, I am so tired of this”. It must be said that more than any other story in recent … Continue reading

Update on New Year’s Resolutions Well as we approach the end of January, I sit and wonder how folk have done with regards to their New Year’s Resolutions. At the beginning of January people are often flush with excitement and … Continue reading

Courses for Therapists Online A Blessing or Curse I was reading an article the other day which talked about how a particular training organisation was selling thousands of courses throughout the world and that you could become an accredited hypnotherapist … Continue reading

Academic Qualification Disclosure For Therapists For regular readers of my musings today’s topic may sound very close to my previous piece emploring that practitioners disclose the source of their professional qualifications. I would like to extend this plea to disclosure … Continue reading

Another Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Weekend Well it is that time again for me to do one of my party pieces which is to teach a group about Milton Erickson and his approach to hypnotherapy. The interesting thing about this group is … Continue reading

Feedback From Yesterday’s Post Well it would appear that yesterday’s post seems to have struck a chord with some members of the profession. Some from professional associations and some just ordinary rank and file professionals who like me see that … Continue reading

Another Sad Day For Hypnotherapy Today I am referring to the case of Michael Walsh who is currently on trial in Scotland for sexual assault whilst using hypnotherapy. Now it would not be appropriate for me to comment on the … Continue reading

Choosing a Psychotherapist It has occurred to me that over the past several years, I have had occasion to rail against people calling themselves psychotherapists without actually doing an article about how to choose a properly qualified psychotherapist. Well today, … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy to Help Anxiety When my students ask me what is the most common issue I work with in practice is, I will never hesitate it is anxiety related issues. This should not be a surprise to anyone. We live … Continue reading

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