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Hypnotherapy and Good Business Practice

Hypnotherapy and Good Business Practice

I have written many times about the need for professionalism in the hypnotherapy profession. These articles usually centred around experience, qualifications and professional ethics. I would like to add an additional category today, and that is of business ethics as well. Now, this may or may not be of interest to some of you, but I believe that in order to consider yourself a true professional (in any field of endeavour) your run your business in as unimpeachable way as possible. That is to say that you pay your taxes, you provide value for money and that you ensure that you follow regulations like GDPR and finally that you are clear and transparent about your business practices and requirements.

These things can usually be accomplished with having a well written terms and conditions to refer clients to. Also, by getting good professional advice from an accountant or solicitor. I strongly urge my colleagues to adopt these points, all too often we in the profession hear stories about people trying to find ways to cheat the system, like paying VAT or only taking cash which makes it more difficult for the tax office. There was a time in out profession’s past when this was the norm, but it is no longer. If the profession is to be taken seriously, it is essential that we act as good corporate citizens as well as good regular citizens.

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