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Thousands More NHS Mental Health Staff It has been announced by Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, that by 2020-21 one million more mental health patients will be treated by the NHS. Thousands of new therapists, mental health nurses … Continue reading

Embrace Simplicity I like many professionals spent the early part of my career working hard to be successful. That success was based on position, titles and other things which seemed so very important at the time. I have been re-assessing … Continue reading

NICE Looking at Counselling and Depression The National Institute of Clinical Excellence is currently conducting a consultation as to the effectiveness of using counselling with depression. The three lead bodies, the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, the British Association for … Continue reading

Be Mindful of Cyber-Bullying There is a great deal being written and discussed about cyber-bullying in the popular press as well as in the news. I am seeing far more people in my practice who are suffering with the after … Continue reading

Say What You Feel I watched the tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales, by her sons Princes William and Harry last night. I thought the programme was fascinating. Their honesty regarding their feelings and insights was truly inspirational in my … Continue reading

The Importance of Re-Accreditation So you have decided to see a therapist, you did your homework and see that they qualified as a therapist 10 years ago. You determine that their training was top-notch so you decide to go ahead. … Continue reading

Death and Loss It has been twenty years since Diana, Princess of Wales was killed in a senseless accident which most experts agree could have been easily avoided. Her sons Princes William and Harry have recently given an interview about … Continue reading

Tobacco Companies You Got To Love Them NOT This is one of my favourite teaching weekends, my three S’s Smoking, Slimming and Stress. I spent the morning on smoking and I came accross an article which says that Big Tobacco … Continue reading

Be Here and Now One of the most common issues that comes through my door is anxiety. Anxiety in all of it’s forms is increasingly common place. There are a number of factors to this, including a more hectic lifestyle … Continue reading

Are Therapy Booths The Way Forward? I recently watched a video clip from the BBC which showed a clinical psychologist’s experiment of having a public booth where people can unload and have their issues listened to by a total stranger … Continue reading

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