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Cravings and Addiction are NOT The Same Thing This is a subject I have gone into before, but as I have just read about someone “curing his roast potato addiction with hypnotherapy”. Having a roast potato desire is not the … Continue reading

Hypnotherapy is NOT Counselling Today’s missive is regarding a pet peeve of mine which frankly I am getting a little tired of seeing. Hypnotherapy is hypnotherapy, it is not counselling. I am saying this because in advert after advert, website … Continue reading

Counselling and Game of Thrones I want to say at the very beginning of today’s piece that I have never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones. However, there are programmes and film series which I consider to be … Continue reading

Psychotherapy for Beginners Before I begin today, know in advance that I understand that there are many of my colleagues who will probably not be happy with the parameters which I will be using for this article. There is a … Continue reading

Therapy and Self Care There is much talk these days regarding self care. It is a common subject in the popular press as well as the major news outlets. Many times these articles and stories focus on things like diet … Continue reading

Is Hypnosis and It Does it work? It didn’t work for me. Wonder what the it is? Well it is hypnosis, one of the very few therapeutic processes which is commonly referred to as an it. The reason why the … Continue reading

Its Holiday Time, A Chance to Overcome Your Fears Well Summer has arrived and for many people they will be looking forward to a much needed and deserved holiday. But holiday season is not always something people look forward to, … Continue reading

To Live or Die That is The Question I am sure that many of you will have read the tragic story about the teenage girl from Malaysia who conducted an Instagram Poll to decide whether she should live or kill … Continue reading

Reality TV and Mental Health Well, unless you have been living under a rock for the past few days you will have no doubt heard that the “Jeremy Kyle Show” has been take off the air indefinitely due to the … Continue reading

Are We Causing Problems With Counselling I was reading an interesting article today about whether or not counselling is fuelling mental health issues with university students. The premise is that people are being referred to counselling when what they need … Continue reading

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